40 years in the making

At least 40 Years ago…

I was already being influenced about the kind of dream house I would want to build.  Finding out what I wanted in a second house,  decidedly called my “dream” home came over time but ultimately it was influenced by my Grandmother’s house.

Oct12983 (3)

Grandma Irene’s House

When I first started looking for 1) a weekend home/fixer upper, then a 2) vintage home fixer upper, then a 3) home on a nice size piece of land, I never found what I wanted.  Of course my priorities and pocketbook changed over the years.

One day about 3 years ago, I sketched out a floorplan and made a must-have list of features.   I kept the sketch in a drawer and eventually used it (along with other pictures and lists) to get my architect to design my dream house.


Big Screen Porch, Extra Large Kitchen with professional appliances, one large great room with stone fireplace, lots of windows, a sleeping porch, clutter room, large pantry…and the list goes on…


an idea for my big screened porch



Sleeping Porch

Since the climate in Austin is less humid and a bit cooler especially in the evenings, I really wanted a sleeping porch.  If you do not know what that is, in days before air conditioning, people would screen porches (especially second floor) and pull mattresses, hammocks or beds out on the porch to sleep in the cool night air…


This may end up being my favorite part of the house.


Another idea

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4 Responses to 40 years in the making

  1. Sally says:

    I loved seeing Mom’s house! Your house will be great!

  2. juliesmurphy says:

    There was so much to love about Grandma’s house! I’m so glad you are keeping the memory alive. I can’t even stand to drive by there any more because of all the changes. Too sad! On a happier note, I love the idea of a sleeping porch. I was at a beach house one year and there was a sleeping porch. It was amazing to wake up the sound of the surf and seagulls and of course, the breeze. Your ideas for your new house sound WONDERFUL! I guess I missed this, but will this house be a second home or will you move there permanently?

  3. juliesmurphy says:

    Can I feature your new series of house posts on my blog?

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