Can you imagine…

what it felt like to receive the architectural rendering of my dream home? It was like Christmas Morning, an Easter Hunt and a New Party Dress all rolled into one giant great big ball of fun.


Whoo hoooo

and here it is…


As I mentioned before I wanted a farmhouse style that looked like it had stood the test of time and been “added on to” over time.  And I got just that..

What is not readable here is all the coding for electrical, plumbing, support, windows, doors, egress, ingress, foundation, etc etc etc…if you build a custom house, you will learn a new set of codes or be at the mercy of the builder every time you want to check something or make decision.

I have been slow to post again due to giant constraints at work but will be putting up the floor plan in detail and some of the unique things we did later this week.


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2 Responses to Can you imagine…

  1. Sally says:

    It looks as big as a castle!!!

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