This Land is My Land

To build a custom dream home you first have to find the dream spot to put it on…  I did not have too much trouble since I knew I wanted to move to the Austin area, I wanted more acreage then the less than postage stamp lot I currently live on, and I wanted to have a large garden (and maybe chickens) but not be too isolated.

I found a community that I really liked where period type homes were required, lots were nearly an acre or more,  and while not close to my work was still manageable.  Most important it gave off the vibe I wanted.

Selecting a lot within the limited number available in this community and in my price point was not hard as long as I completely gave up my price point boundaries and took a risk.

As I write these blog entries, I have told myself I will only comment on the cost once.  If I allow myself I could go on…

If you are considering building a custom home ground up, get familiar with these terms- new construction loan, loan to perm loan, personal line of credit, and lte value.   Plan on providing the same set of information about 42 times, allow  yourself one good cry a week where you invoke the name of the mortgage lender, your mortgage broker, your builder, your land owner, and all of their assistants who call and call and call.

Consider a budget, then consider it again, then double it and grind your teeth. Unless of course 1) you have unlimited dollars, 2) go with the flow on the selections of flooring, paint, siding, sinks, toilets, tubs, kitchen appliances, door knobs, tile and the fact that they are all out of stock, out of your budget and you must tone done your expectations. or 3) mr. builder you pick everything–I trust you.

Ok out of my system.

So this land is my land –and soon it will have a lovely home perched just waiting for me.land1






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