And I drive the main road

I am a lineman for the county

and I drive the main road

searching in the sun for another overload….

We are in Wichita hence my Glen Campbell tribute.  Though the lines about driving the main road and searching for another overload are very true when you think we drove hundreds of miles through Kansas with antique overload as our destination.

Saturday we criss-crossed the Wichita area shopping at Legacy Antiques, Old Town Architectural Salvage and the mecca of all antique malls–Paramount Antique Mall.  We spent 4 hours at Paramount and did not finish all of the booths and rows of the good stuff.

As part of this road trip we are checking the Guy’s Diner, Drive-ins and Dives site for any locations in our path.  We discovered Brint’s Diner and checked it out.  In the middle of lunch, I spouted a nosebleed that had everyone in the diner passing out.  Pretty much put a damper on eating lunch, the staff was very nice and gave me ice and towels.  However, the diners in their booths were covering their children’s eyes and looking at me like I had just gone 10 rounds.

We found several nice items and I have plans for each of them.  After Wichita we are heading for Abilene and then on to Topeka…I guess we really are “the  linewomenchecking for any opportunity to “overload”.

Old Basket, Tin and the thingamajig that teachers use to make circles on the chalkboard.

Teeny Tiny Wire-Bound Composition Notebook soon to be necklace

More Vintage Children’s Books for my collection

Never enough old photos

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