Kansas City BBQ (Better Buy Quick)

Kansas City is definitely renowned for Barb-e-que and thank goodness since I would not say it is renowned for antiques.  Better Buy Quick since there ain’t much her to buy.  We snatched up a few goodies including some blown plastic snowmen for Leslie and a couple of strange-looking dolls for me.  Other than that Kansas City was just one big ride around town looking for the good stuff.  Thankfully we are headed to Missouri tomorrow and we all know it is called the SHOW ME state.  I say ante up the goods, Missouri.

Weird Stuff’s Flying Dog

The only game in town…Weird Stuff

No BBQ here, the warehouse is empty

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4 Responses to Kansas City BBQ (Better Buy Quick)

  1. merry cotton says:

    Found an interesting dandelion pesto recipe…

  2. merry cotton says:

    Worth pursuing…as dandelions are few and far between here on PI.

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