One Last Stand– The Lonestar Mall

After such good finds at Artichoke Annie’s, we made one final stop.  We visited the Lonestar (apropos since I am from Texas) Antique Mall. We stopped in Cuba, Missouri and found several nice things including old books, ironstone and old advertising pieces. We also found a wicker/wood rocking chair and a vintage cement cherub.

I am avid collector of old things and odd things, repurposed, well-loved and handmade things.    The sense of sharing something across time and across the country makes antique hunting very appealing, almost magnetic. Seems as though Missouri and Kansas have their fair share of pull when it comes to finding the good stuff.

Pictures of Some of the Good Stuff….

Greenhouse Sign for my Kitchen

Fruit Stand Table for my studio

He may be selling something but I will use him in some creepy Halloween art

One more slightly creepy doll for my collection

Vintage Store Rack for my studio

Yo Yo Quilt in lovely colors

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo …

Peculiar Shelf with two tree branch pegs but an oh so lovely citron color

Never used quaker lace tablecloth, original price tag (no barcodes) is 9.00 dollars

One lovely green quilt

Ice Cream Cone holder, for those days when lots of cones are needed

Folk Art White Painted Arrow..hopefully  pointing in the right direction

Great old wood frame…great to juxtaposition with mixed media

small white side table for my daughter

never enough oil paintings

love old watch fobs, make great bracelets

tin types galore

a vintage medal with all the bars added for band, religion, bowling, etc, I think it will make a great bracelet for me…need my soldering iron

A Christmas Box to be filled

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