The Spider in The Secret Garden

The guest of honor in the Secret Garden was this spider and his web.  The secret garden in my urban plot is simply the long narrow side of the house leading to the air conditioner unit.  We created a tiny narrow space for a cutting garden or overflow…and this year we are in overflow with our tomato count up to 69 plants.


This past two weeks were Roundtop Antiques Weeks and I attended 5 days worth of old stuff goodness.  In the many years I have been going to the fields, tents, and trucks full of vintage things, I usually go with a theme in mind.  If I am throwing a baby shower, then I am looking for all things vintage baby, if I am re-doing a room in my house, then I am looking for something to complement the new colors.  This past week, I have come full circle and am back to looking for vintage garden items to use in the yard.  The first things I bought in 1998 were old garden tools…more postings to come as I build my potting bench, and re-purpose a few more items into garden décor.


Rusty Old Gates Waiting to be mounted to my raised beds as a trellis..

An old Farmstand table about to replace my current (falling apart) potting bench and my best dog Bandie guarding this fine furniture.


To the garden we go, the tomato plants are robust and about 3 to 4 feet high, and just starting to set tomatoes.  The lettuce is ready to be picked, the beans are flowering, the radish seedlings are getting new leaves and the herbs are flourishing.






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2 Responses to The Spider in The Secret Garden

  1. Katie H. says:

    I’m pretty sure Bandie was eyeing the tomatoes, not guarding the furniture.

  2. Mom says:

    Bandie is guarding your furniture and your tomotoes.

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