Do you like butter?

I am probably one of the last people to blog.  I actually started a blog 4 years ago and spent significant time in getting the layout perfect. So as I grew tired of messing with the layout, the bloom was off the rose.  I lost my interest in writing anything to share and I let it go.

Since then I have spent more time on my mixed media art, more time working and less time writing and pondering.  The more time I spend on art and taking on line classes the more I realize I would like to post some of my art on line. So I have spent less time on formatting this blog and I am just jumping in and writing and posting art.

Back to the question at the start of this post, Do you like butter?, I have the loveliest memory of my Grandmother sitting with me in her yard on a late spring day explaining how she could tell I liked butter.  She held one of the many dandelions growing in the yard under my chin and said she could see the yellowy golden reflection and that is why she knew I liked butter.  The only picture I have of that adventure is in my memory.

Grandma and Me. We have not had the butter talk yet…

My grandmother has passed on but not a day goes by without my thinking of her.  Of course not always about dandelions and butter. But I do like the way the dandelion runs through its life. The dandelion is considered a flower in one person’s eyes and a weed in another’s eyes.  They pop up in late spring where they please, bloom for a short period of time, attract bee callers, change to a beautiful white snowball harboring seeds for the future and blow and flow with the wind until they are gone.

Seems a bit like a metaphor for my blog. Hopefully, I will have more readers that think of flowers and not weeds, attract more callers, change my posts frequently to show beautiful things that inspire others and remember to just go with the flow.

Life Cycle of a Dandelion and Maybe My Blog?

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3 Responses to Do you like butter?

  1. merry cotton says:

    MA: This is fabulous…envy you your trip with your best friend and look forward to reading about all your adventures…remember the bump you hit in Florida and the recently acquired doll bounced and broke her head (I think)…anyway, have a fun, safe trip. Mom xo

  2. merry cotton says:

    I love your blog and I really like the name dandelionroads because it reminds me of Bandy Road with all the dandelions blooming in the spring and Grandma Polen picking the plants to cook…Have fun with Leslie.

  3. Clare Majorossy says:

    Your mom told me about your blog – looks like a great trip – I’ll be checking in often to see how your adventure is coming along.

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