Ready to Ride

Today I am preparing for a wonderful vacation.  One of my favorite things to do is drive the back roads of the US looking for the best antique finds.  Luckily, my very very good friend Leslie likes to do the same.  We are set to roll this Friday and have 9 days of exploring waiting for us.

Not Our First Rodeo (read Antique Trip)

Les and I have made this kind of trip 6 or 7 times before.  Riding out to explore Pennsylvania and Ohio during the late summer, doing a last-minute trip to Florida, maneuvering through snow to explore Arkansas and Tennessee, seeing the real middle of the country in Nebraska and Iowa and more.  We pretty quickly learned that renting a cargo van was necessary.  The first time you find yourself in a small town antique store where you discover the finest green chippy- paint stepback and it will not fit in the back of your Ford Expedition without one of us flying home or tossing out our earlier purchases, the cargo van flashes before your eyes.

Leading up to this adventure, we divide and conquer on the states, cities and towns  each of us will research. We look at likely places to stay, determine the travel food (I am the only cook on this trail.), locate storage tubs and packing material, find some entertainment for the drive and the list goes on.  Nope, not our first rodeo.

So Friday, we will load up, gas up, coffee up and hit the road ready to ride off in search of treasure.  Come along for the ride by checking back as we post about the towns and treasures we discover along the way.

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